“All experiences are preceded by mind, having mind as their master, created by mind.”

This is a genuine quote from the Buddhist scriptures. It’s from the Dhammapada:

“All experiences are preceded by mind, having mind as their master, created by mind.” The Buddha

11 thoughts on ““All experiences are preceded by mind, having mind as their master, created by mind.””

  1. My mind creates every experience which I live. I cannot blame no one about my life which is going good or bad, because all events, they are born first in my mind! So I am totally responsible for everything around me!

    1. If you are responsible for everything around you, then you are responsible for the actions of others. Which means they have no free will. Which means you’re some kind of god, right? (I guess you’re responsible for this comment!)

      1. Hello Bodhipaksa: how are you? Really it’s a great surprise to me to receive your comment to my interpretation about Buddha’s quote. Thank you very much! Yes, indeed the world around me reacts according to my action! In every single minute in our lives, we are acting and receiving an answer about that act ! The way that the world ( people ) will react it dependents a lot of their spiritual level, but regularly they will react in the same way you acted towards them! If I am a good person, it will be very difficult that people will come to hate me! Even if I am good to an animal, he will answer to my kindness with kindness! Compassion atracts compassion! Hate atracts hate! So, yes, we are really responsible for the way the people will come to treat us! This is a very simple law! Finally, about your question if I am responsible to your comment, yes, I am because if I hadn’t published it here, you for sure wouldn’t have caught your computer to write what you wrote! Do you agree? A great hug from Brazil my friend!

        1. I absolutely agree and I am glad, to finally read something, that goes in accordance with my own thinking.

      2. Still not satisfied with my considerations, I come back to finish them : yes, you’re totally right when you say I am responsible for the actions of others, and it may be tragic: if you look at the story, you will see Hitler, a kind of a human god. How many people killed others people inspired in him? How many people were blind following his orders? A bad god who had the will of the people in his total control! That is because sometimes people forget their free will to make what someone says! Notwithstanding, if we continue in the path of the story, we will find Gandhi, the Indian politician, and we will see him controling the people towards the good! A kind of a good god he was! So, everything that Hitler made, this was first as a thought in his mind, also Gandhi! And Hitler, and Gandhi had the due return of their thoughts!

  2. What we experience is the result of our internal environment, is my interpretation of the quote. I think that’s a simplified sway of what you guys were saying. Do you think that is accurate?

    1. Fully agree with you Danny.
      Very accurate.
      I would have said: “My point of view, thoughts and feelings are acting on the way I may experience something”.

  3. Feels good to know Buddha had the same beliefs. I knew this before
    I started studying Buddhism! I grew up Lutheran but already at such a young age I knew so much of it made no sense! I’m surprised in today’s enlightend world more people aren’t Buddhists or another enlightend faith!

  4. Feels good to know Buddha had the same beliefs. I knew this before even studying Buddhism! I grew up Lutheran and even as a small child knew most of the bible just wasn’t even true!

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